Hear Savages’ Jehnny Beth’s Halloween story about the time she stayed with Josh Homme

Hear a spooky tale from the QOTSA man's home

Savages singer Jehnny Beth celebrated Halloween by sharing her ‘spookiest’ story – about the time she had a scary night while staying at the house of Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Josh Homme.

The ‘Adore’ singer was presenting the latest instalment of her Apple Beats 1 Radio show, Stop Making Sense – when she recalled the night she thought she’d encountered an intruder at the LA House of Homme and wife Brody Dalle.

“Once in Los Angeles, Josh Homme left me his house for three days while he was gone in the desert with his family,” said Beth. “One night, I come home late around 3am and I found the alarm of the house unusually not responding and pressed numbers to unlock it. I looked closer. The alarm was saying something ‘INTRUSION: SECTOR 34’, which I knew meant that one of the doors or windows had been opened while I was away. I froze for a second there in silence with a million thoughts crossing my mind.”

She continued: “Has someone really broken in while I was away? Does that mean that someone is here now? What should I do? Then the phone suddenly rung very loudly. ‘DRIIIING, DRIIIIING’. I jumped to answer. ‘Hello, this is the police officer – please state your name and give me the code of the alarm,’ said the masculine voice on the other side. ‘I’m a guest in the house, I’m alone, I don’t know what to do, the owners are away for the weekend’…[then he said] ‘State your name and the alarm code’ – he sounded more like a machine than a human. I gave him my name, and the code number. Then the phone instantly hung up. It was me, alone, back in the house again.

“I listened to the silence. I didn’t move. More thoughts came into my mind. I just gave my name and the alarm code number to a complete stranger on the phone? How can I be so stupid? I started panicking. My cellphone rang and it was Justin, Josh’s studio assistant. ‘Justin, I don’t know what to do – apparently someone broke into the house…'”

Beth went on: “‘Yeah, the cops called me,’ he’d obviously just woken up. ‘You’ve got to find the window and close it. It’s in the master bedroom upstairs. You’ve got to find the open window’. ‘Really?’ I said, looking at the empty stairs in front of me. ‘But it’s dark out there’, I said.  So I armed myself with courage and a kitchen knife and I started walking up the stair case. I found that even with the lights on, the rooms were very dimly lit. I walked through a long corridor, full of closed doors….

“I was so terrified. I didn’t want him to hang up. There was a storm outside and I could hear it crack really loudly. I opened the bedroom door, and there I saw on the floor something under cover in white sheets. ‘There’s some stuff on the floor’, I whispered to Justin. ‘Really?’ he said, ‘what is it?’ I started walking towards it slowly, and when I got close enough, I kicked it with my shoe. Then I heard a sound coming from a dark corner of the room. It was the window, which when pushed by the wind suddenly opened. Letting the rain come in, violently. I looked back down at feet, and I saw what was really there on the floor…

She added: “Just a random bunch of pillows. Mmmm, fear. Fear. Fear.”

After collaborating on Lady Gaga’s latest album ‘Joanne‘ and with Iggy Pop on ‘Post Pop Depression‘, Josh Homme is expected to release new material with Queens Of The Stone Age soon. The band were said to be ‘locked in’ to record the new album earlier this summer, before revealing what to expect from the album’s sound.

“We’ve already started talking about what we’re gonna do next for the next Queens record,” said guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. “There’s tons of ideas that are bouncing around… We’re going to do something before the end of the year, as far as recording goes. We’re excited to get back together to follow-up ‘…Like Clockwork’, which was a really, really big record for us, personally… It was a big record for us because it was the hardest record to make. And we’re trying to not do that again. We just want to keep things simpler and try that, I guess.”