Hear two new mixes of The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ as they share full details of ‘Surrender’ reissue

"We still wanted to hold on to that chaos and initial rush and excitement," the band tell NME of the 20 year-old album

The Chemical Brothers have shared full details of their 20th anniversary reissue of ‘Surrender’, sharing two new mixes of their hit ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’.

The reissue was initially announced back in June, and full details of the release have now been revealed. Watch a trailer for the new edition below.


The 20th anniversary edition of ‘Surrender’ will be out on November 22, and come in 3CD and 4LP sets with extra goodies such as a DVD, prints and a book.

The album will be remastered in full for the CD version, which also features five of the band’s Secret Psychedelic remixes.

The DVD, meanwhile, features the band’s music videos from the album and footage from their 2000 Glastonbury show.

In advance of the release of the new reissue, the band have shared two new mixes of their hit ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’, one from the Secret Psychedelic set, and the other by Kink. Hear those below.


“We’re still very connected to that album and we still play a lot of songs from that album live,” Tom Rowlands told NME about ‘Surrender’, leading up to its 20th birthday.

“We’ve been putting together a 20th anniversary thing for Surrender and we found a whole cache of weird mixes that we’d forgotten that we’d made at the time. We have secret psychedelic mixes that we just made for ourselves and 20 minute versions of ‘Out Of Control’ that we’re looking to put out at the end of the year. 

“It was an exciting time, and on that third album we were at this weird point as a musician when you’re skillful and technically better at what you do, but it can become the real death of instinct and excitement and clarity,” he reflected. “We were aware of that and we still wanted to hold on to that chaos and initial rush and excitement of something.

Rowlands also reflected on working with New Order’s Bernard Sumner on the album, saying: “That was a huge thing for us to be in the studio with him – New Order were a touchstone band for us. To do all these sessions and to have a song like ‘Out of Control’ to come from it. That’s one of the most exciting things about working with our heroes. But there’s also terrible feeling, ‘what happens if it’s not any good?’

“To make this record that we all love is and something good enough that you managed to collaboration to be was really special.”

The Chemical Brothers released their new album ‘No Geography’ earlier this year, and they’ll tour it around the UK in November.