Posh Spice's sister finds the walls closing in, and Britney's mum is disappointed by sauce...

Danny from Hear’say has been recognised by a taxi driver.

According to The Sun (November 27), Danny, drummer with the chart-topping band, met the taxi driver when he was using his cab to move from one place to another, possibly a different place.

“You look like that Danny from Hear’say,” the driver said. Danny from Hear’say didn’t waste any time and said, “I get that all the time. I’m thinking of doing him for ‘Stars In Their Eyes’.”

The response has left cab watchers on edge.

“He’s not playing by the rules,” said one. “When the remark was made he should have smiled, leaned forwards and asked ‘What’s that?’ It wouldn’t have hurt either if had have smiled weakly and feigned interest. What happens when order is usurped like this? Disorder, that’s what comes, disorder. What if Tony Blair suddenly decided he wanted to take Ed O’Brien’s place in Radiohead? There’d be hell to pay. I’m not saying Tony couldn’t do it. I’m sure he’s a capable guitarist and he and Thom Yorke could have heated discussions about globalisation or adoption of the euro or alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels. They might even come up with a few decent tracks. But who’d run Number 10? Probably that Danny fucker know-it-all from Hear’say. What policy would he introduce? Big smiles for everyone, I bet. What a fucker. See what he’s done.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Star reports that top-selling pop princess and singer Britney Spears upset her mother with her saucy antics in the video for a former saucy song that wasn’t ‘Hit Me Baby, Right, Cheers’ or the other one that sounds a little like that.

A spokesperson for the man behind Britney‘s smile said: “Britney’s mom should just butt out, damn it. I don’t think she’s being fair to Britney. Britney wouldn’t harm a fly.”

Meanwhile, the Star also reports that Posh Spice’s sister has had to move her shop to bigger premises. “The tiny shop – 12ft by 6ft – is just too small,” it says. A local resident in the local town of Posh Spice’s sister, who is also called Victoria, explained that flooding had caused the shop to shrink. “It used to be huge, a bloody massive place,” the local person said. “It was so big the local council were considering asking her to move it to London, which is much bigger, or maybe to a brownfield site on the edge of town. The flooding may have been bad news to Victoria, sister of Posh Spice Victoria, but I can tell you it was great news for local people, especially people who kept small animals next door. The weather’s a funny thing.

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