S Club 7, Shaggy, JJ72 and others fare better at One Big Sunday...

HEAR’SAY were booed during their set in front of 70,000 people at yesterday’s (May 6) ONE BIG SUNDAY event at MORFA STADIUM in SWANSEA.

The crowd were said to be voicing their disapproval of the outfit’s Noel Sullivan.

Noel has frequently made much of his love of Wales and particularly his hometown of Cardiff. “He made a big fuss about how nice it was to be back home,” a Swansea local told the Daily Record. “Well, he’s not home. He is in Swansea and he is not one of us.”

Among the other acts to play at the event, some of which was broadcast on BBC Radio 1, were JJ72, S Club 7, Shaggy, Spooks, Architechs and Wheatus.