BBC investigates fake webpage which reported that Suzanne Shaw committed suicide - because she couldn't stand revelations about her porn past...

HEAR’SAY‘s SUZANNE SHAW has been the victim of a hoax, after a web page claiming to be an official BBC page said that she had committed suicide.

According to reports in The Mirror this morning (May 3), a website page was circulated saying that she had taken her life because she couldn’t stand revelations over her starring role in a home-made porn film.

The item read: “Suzanne Shaw of ITV’s Popstars band has been found dead in her north London home this afternoon. First reports suggest the young star was left distraught by the effect a tabloid newspaper publishing details of a home ‘sex’ video had on her family and friends.”

The newspaper claims that Suzanne was initially outraged, and had to be contacted on holiday by her management to warn her.

A spokesperson said: “We would like to appeal to her friends, family and fans not to take this seriously.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said they were notified about the hoax web page two days ago, and were currently in the process of tracking down who was responsible.

He stressed that the BBC site had not been hacked, but that the culprit had copied their logos and set up a news page on another internet server to look like an official page.

“We take this sort of incident very seriously and are still currently investigating it. We are very concerned that people are taking our brand and using it without permission. We will decide what action to take once we have tracked the person responsible down,” he added.