The group manufactured by a TV programme say they've had enough of the abuse flung at them by the general public...

Made for TV pop act Hear’Say have quit, less than two years after their creation.

The five-piece announced last night that they decided to call it a day because the level of abuse from the public became too much.

Myleene Klass, Danny Foster, Suzanne Shaw, Noel Sullivan and Johnny Shentall said they find it difficult to walk down the street without people shouting insults at them.


“We have had enough. The public make or break you,” Danny said. “It started off so big. Everyone knows us – that brought a unique set of pressures. Singing and performing is what it’s cracked up to be. But all the other stuff that goes along with it is not so good.

“Two months ago we were held up by a gunman and the next day people thought we had made it up as a publicity stunt.

“What kind of people think we would make that up? We were travelling three hours to a roadshow only to get booed.”

He added: “We knew it was time to call it a day. There is nothing in the contract that said we were going to last forever. People move on and their tastes change. We have always been honest with the public so that’s why we’re being honest about splitting up.”

Hear’Say became the fastest selling chart debutantes of all time last year when their first single ‘Pure & Simple’ sold over 500,000 in its first week – 161,000 in the first day.

Kym Marsh left in January of this year, essentially signalling the end of the band.