No, not the one for most career-bolstering duets, nor the one for best suntan in Wales, nor even the one for highest density of women's underwear onstage...

HEAR’SAY are on the brink of matching TOM JONES‘ record for selling out CARDIFF INTERNATIONAL ARENA, after adding a sixth date in the ‘POPSTARS’ heartthrob NOEL SULLIVAN’s hometown.

And after announcing an afternoon matinee on August 26, in addition to the more traditional evening shows on 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, the CIA’s manager Graham Walters said: “At this rate, the group is going to be close to matching the seven sell-out shows at the arena by Tom Jones last year.

“The public response has been unprecedented. More than 25,000 tickets have already been sold to see Hear’Say.”

Band spokesman William Rice added: “The Welsh capital has certainly taken Hear’say to its heart.

“Everywhere the group is playing on tour has added extra dates to cope with demand. But Cardiff has been bigger than anywhere else, even beating London by one show now.”

The group is currently in Europe on a promotional tour, but will be back in Britain at the end of this week.

Their second single, ‘The Way To Your Love’, is released on June 11.