But the majority are turned away as looks and image are the initial requirements...

An estimated 3,000 would-be popstars turned up for open auditions for HEAR’SAY in south LONDON this morning (February 3) – but the majority were turned away before they got to sing a note.

The initial selection process for the first round of auditions at Brixton Rehearsal Studios were judged completely on looks and image. Only 500 hopefuls passed the judges eagle eyes and were invited to perform. They were each given 40 seconds. Many had been queuing since the early hours of the morning while others had travelled through the night, all keen to be the replacement for former member Kym Marsh who quit last month after arguments split the group.

The entire selection procedure is being filmed by LWT for broadcast over six weeks on ITV – in much the same way as the Hear’Say members were chosen in the first place through hit show ‘Popstars’.


The news member will be selected by the remaining Hear’Say members, their manager Chris Herbert and Paul Adam, who was on the voting panel of ‘Popstars’.