The five successful applicants are already making plans for their second album...

The ‘POPSTARS’ band got their first taste of media attention today (February 5), at a press conference in LONDON, where their new look was unveiled. And they’re already making plans for their second album!

The five – Myleene Klass, Kym Marsh, Danny Foster, Suzanne Shaw and Noel Sullivan – were announced as the successful candidates on the show on Saturday evening (February 3), after being selected from 3,000 hopeful applicants.

The group have just returned from Norway, where they have been working with the StarGate team, who previously produced Samantha Mumba, S Club 7, Richard Blackwood, and whose team remixed Sisqo’s last single ‘Incomplete’. The new group worked on their first album. But as Kym told the press conference, they are already hoping to start writing material for the second.

To NME.COM’s eyes the band’s makeover – which Myleene described as “more of a tweak” – is more subtle than had been expected, though combat-style gear saved the day and Myleene was wearing a t-shirt bearing the legend ‘Queen’ in gothic lettering.

At one point the group – still denying that they’re called Inner Spin – burst into a rendition of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, with no bum notes in evidence. It’s still clear that Noel’s voice is not the strongest while Danny shines as the star of the group. When asked if ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ would be the band’s first single, the press conference were told that we’d “have to wait and see”.

Kym took the opportunity to talk about her two children, and wanted to make is clear that she has been misquoted in the press. As she explained, she had to make a decision to get on with her career, but at the end of March and will use the advance from the band’s record company get a house for her family.

Asked what the band’s music sounds like, Suzanne responded: “Oh, I don’t really know, we’re trying out a bit of everything,” before a bandmate jumped in with the claim that it was “pop”, while Melanie C’s comments in today’s press about the band being manipulated were dismissed by Kym. “That’s exactly where she started,” she replied.

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