The date in August comes after they sell out the first three dates in minutes...

HEAR’SAY have added a fourth date to the CARDIFF leg of their forthcoming summer tour, after the first three nights sold out in minutes.

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The ‘Popstars’ band will now play at Cardiff International Arena on Sunday, August 26. Tickets for their August 27, 28 and 29 dates in Noel’s hometown were snapped up hours after going on sale on Friday.

Noel was back in Cardiff at the weekend, to join Mark Lamarr and Cerys Matthews from Catatonia at the opening of the city’s new comedy venue, The Glee Club.

And the 20-year-old former waiter, who millions saw blub after he visited his

mum Claire during the ‘Popstars’ TV series, revealed that he can no longer visit his favourite pubs for fear of being set upon.

He said: “I no longer go to pound-a-pint pubs – it’s just too dangerous. I tend to go to wine bars where there is less hassle and people are less likely to have a go at me.

“I do sometimes pop into Cardiff bars for a quick drink, but I never stay long. Some people don’t like you when you make it to the top.”

Noel admitted having trouble getting to grips with fame, adding: “When I came home, I saw a poster of Hear’say on a bridge and that was a bit of a shock. And I haven’t walked down the main street yet.

“I’m not saying how long I’m going to be back in Cardiff, but I want to make the most of it and chill out with my friends.

“I like Mark Lamarr – he’s cool. We had such a ball on [UK TV pop quiz] ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’.”

While Noel and Cerys enjoyed their night out, the evening didn’t go quite so well for ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ presenter Lamarr – he was booed offstage 30 minutes into his stand-up routine.