Louise's burglary hell, lonely Marilyn Manson and Britney finds all the attention she receives from leching old men disturbing...

No sooner have the latest fab five been named that one of the old fab five (or four, and counting…), Mel C has slammed the Popstars organisers for their elimination method of creating the group. Speaking in The Sun today (February 5), she said: “I think it is such an exploitation of those poor kids. Mel B and I both agreed how glad we were it wasn’t us, which it could so easily have been. The ones who haven’t got through are the lucky ones.” Had she not been chosen for the Spice Girls from their open auditions six years ago, surely the multi-million-earning pop celeb would have a rather different line of thought…

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Louise is also in The Sun, shocked at finding her and footie star hubby Jamie Redknapp’s Merseyside home trashed, with thousands of pounds of jewellery, credit cards and cash being stolen by thieves “who even rifled through Louise’s underwear drawer”. Celebrity knicker-snatch, could be a game show in it.

Britney’s taking no chances however, sending her fang-faced Alsatian guard dogs on an eight-week security training course at the California Canine Academy for #10,000. In the Star, meanwhile, she says: “I’m a little scared of older male fans.” That’d be why she dresses up as a schoolgirl in videos, then, obviously appealing to school-aged fans and not sleazy old men.

Geri Halliwell has been in talks with Los Angeles acting agency United Entertainment over how to launch her assault on the acting world. The wannabe thespian is waiting for scripts to arrive. “Geri is a big name, so she won’t have trouble hearing about possible film roles,” a source tells the Star. Can’t wait to see her at the Oscars in a spangly Union Jack frock.

The Star reveals that “scary goth singer” Marilyn Manson is looking for lurve, and has all-but placed a personal ad in this week’s Kerrang!. Talking about his loneliness after his split with Rose McGowan, he says: “Here I am, ladies, please form an orderly queue.”

Telly gal and Nat Appleton’s bessie mate Donna Air has been trying to bridge the chasm in All Saints’ camp by sneaking round to Shaznay Lewis’ house, The Mirror’s ever-vigilant 3am snoops tell us. “It’s all a total mess. Donna is trying really hard to bring them together, but realises she has got her work cut out.” Or maybe she’s just begging Shaz to lend Nat that jacket which started the row in the first place.