And now you can buy the book! Gosh, it seems so long since 'Big Brother' now...

The first ever live performance of the ‘POPSTARS’ single, by the band, will take place on Monday February 26, on the KISS 100 breakfast show – and you can already buy the book of the TV show.

The London-based dance station Kiss 100 has been following the group’s developments over the past month and, after playing Girl Thing’s version of the band’s proposed debut single ‘Pure & Simple’ yesterday (31 January), managed to persuade judge, and Polydor A&R man Paul Adams, to guarantee a live performance in the studio.

This is in exchange for the word of breakfast show host Bam Bam that the Girl Thing track would not be played again until the ‘Popstars’ version was released to radio. Adams also confirmed that the band are currently in Oslo.

The book of the series is already available for advance order online at amazon.co.uk.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Kiss 100 team tells NME.COM that they have recently heard “on more than one occasion” that the name for the ‘Popstars’ band is Inner Spin. The official ‘Popstars’ site had been inviting its users to submit suggestions for the band’s name.