The version by Girl Thing appeared on UK radio station Kiss 100 and is available on Napster...

The ‘POPSTARS’ song, ‘PURE & SIMPLE’, was given its radio premiere this morning – in its previous incarnation as a GIRL THING album track.

As previously revealed, the team behind ‘Popstars’ acquired the song, already recorded by Girl Thing and pencilled in for their next UK single release, leaving Girl Thing without a new single.

This morning (January 31), Kiss 100 breakfast DJ Bam Bam played the Girl Thing track. As NME.COM discovered last week, the Girl Thing version has been available through Napster, along with the rest of their debut album, ever since its release in other territories.

Meanwhile, last night’s GM Pop debate at the London AKA bar drew pundits from all areas of the industry to discuss the state of the UK pop market and the ‘Popstars’ phenomenon.

While none of the panelists – who included Boy George, A&R guru Simon Cowell, pop manager Tom Watkins and ‘Popstars’ judges Nicki and Paul – threw up any new arguments regarding packaged pop, the discussion at least gave Boy George and Tom Watkins an opportunity to agree that they both fancied two of Westlife.

The evening, which was broadcast via the official ‘Popstars’ site, reached a peak when rejected applicant Darius – whom Tom Watkins had earlier branded “a wanker” – took to the mic during the question and answer session. Other rejected popstars took their opportunity to thank the judges for their fairness.