The hopeful reveals secrets about the most talked-about show on British TV - and to top it off, provides us with a unique interpretation of '...Baby One More Time'...

‘POPSTARS’ wannabe DARIUS DANESH has been talking to NME.COM about his treatment at the hands of the show’s production team – also treating us to his unique rendition of BRITNEY SPEARS’ ‘…BABY ONE MORE TIME’ which you can now watch courtesy of NME.COM.

On the subject of the show’s editing process, Darius tells us that “I think it’s really more a question of looking at it from my point of view and going ‘That’s clever’, rather than ‘That’s not what happened’. What I would say, however, is that there’s a different emphasis on different areas of the show.”

He added, “One part of the show showed me singing ‘…Baby One More Time’ and the judges’ comments about me being “a cocky bugger”. That comment actually came from not the piece that was seen, but a version I sang with alternative lyrics.”

To watch Darius performing his cover, which includes the words “cream my jeans”, when he popped into NME.COM last week, choose your speed: 56



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