But the achievement is marred by the news that Danny's girlfriend has been receiving hatemail from jealous fans of the band...

HEAR’SAY are on course to be the first band in chart history to have their debut single and album simultaneously at Number One in the charts.

The band released their debut album ‘Popstars’ yesterday (March 26) and initial chart figures suggest it is on course to follow ‘Pure And Simple’ to the top of the charts.

The record sold 86,000 copies in one day, with estimates that it should sell in the region of 200,000 before the end of the week. The single, ‘Pure And Simple’, also remains at Number One, after selling approximately 20,000 copies yesterday.

A chart expert at HMV in London commented: “The Hear’say phenomenon just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Not only are we looking at one of the fastest-selling albums by a debut act ever, but the band are on course for a simultaneous Number One debut single and album – the first time ever in chart history.”

In other news, band memberDanny Foster’s girlfriend is the subject of hatemail, following the phenomenal success of his band.

Speaking to Heat magazine in the UK, Foster said that 19-year-old Chloe, who is currently studying at Kent University, has received a series of “vicious” letters from extreme fans of the band, possibly jealous at their relationship.

He said: “The letters and stuff that Chloe has been getting have been vicious. She is trying to to cope with it, but, as you can imagine, it isn’t easy for her. She never asked to be in the public eye and she certainly never asked for this. It hasn’t been great for her recently.”

Chloe made a brief appearance in the ‘Popstars’ show, when Foster was seen calling her, following Hear’say‘s appearance at last month’s Brit Awards.

He continued: “It is really tough because I know that she needs me around and I can’t be there. As a couple we are really happy and solid, so I know that we will be OK.”