Is there nothing the pop sensations can't do?...

HEAR’SAY are reportedly being targeted by the LABOUR PARTY to back them in their election campaign.

According to reports in the UK press, Labour insiders have hinted that the ‘Popstars’ TV show quintet are being sought to help their campaign in the run-up to the proposed May general election.

The News Of The World yesterday (March 25) claimed that staff from Labour’s secret celebrity endorsement unit want to enlist support from the group, who are currently riding high after a second week at the top of the UK singles chart, after hearing that they are to appear on political satirist Rory Bremner’s TV show, singing a revised version of their hit ‘Pure And Simple’ with lyrics changed to lampoon opposition party leader William Hague.

Their spokesperson said that Hear’say do not back any political parties.

Elsewhere today (March 26), it has been reported that the Labour party have decided against using S Club 7‘s ‘Reach’ after three of the group were caught up in a drugs scandal after being cautioned by police for smoking cannabis in London last week.

The song had been earmarked as a campaign anthem because of its inspiring sentiments, and the group’s “wholesome image” and “young and ambitious” vibe.

Meanwhile, today’s Daily Star newspaper (March 26) claims that Hear’say are expected to become richer than the Spice Girls by the end of this year.

Their single has sold more than half a million copies in the two weeks since hitting the shops, and their album ‘Popstars’, released today, is expected to follow suit with a similar amount being snapped up.

The pop phenomenon have been mobbed wherever they have gone, with central London being brought to a standstill when they turned up for a signing at HMV, and similar scenes of hysteria at Milton Keynes, where 9,000 fans turned up.

Record label Polydor have ploughed more than £1.5 million into the group and reports speculate that the five members could be worth £3 million each by the end of this year – by comparison the Spice Girls have amassed a cumulative £20 million fortune in their five-year career.