The band are signing copies of their single at HMV...

LONDON’s OXFORD STREET is at a near standstill, as the HMV store prepares for a signing session from HEAR’SAY later this afternoon (March 12).

According to NME.COM’s reporter on the street right now, crash barriers have been pushed back as there are at least 500 people – many of whom have skipped school for the day in order to meet the band – queuing outside the building, while both the police and an independent security firm have been drafted in to cope with the huge crowd.

Ironically, the store itself is relatively quiet, though copies of Hear’say’s single ‘Pure And Simple’ – released today – have been flying off the shelves.

Apparently, word from the crowd is that “Westlife will get their arses whipped.” A spokesperson for HMV told NME.COM that the single has sold over 500 copies today already – the amount that Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’ sold in an entire week.

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