Although 'Popstars' isn't to be released for two weeks, clips of all 15 of its tracks are already available to download from a fan site...

‘PURE AND SIMPLE’ is released in the UK today (March 12), but HEAR’SAY’s debut album, ‘POPSTARS’, is already on the Internet – through the website of uber-supermarket TESCO.

The site, at www.tesco.com, is accepting advance orders of the album, due for release on March 26, and boasts clips from all 15 of the tracks. A fansite, at www.hearsayuk.com, has already converted the clips to a downloadable MP3 format.

The full track-listing for the album is:

1. ‘Pure And Simple’

2. ‘Show Me The Way To Your Love’

3. ‘One Step Closer’

4. ‘Another Lover’

5. ‘One’

6. ‘Not That Kind’

7. ‘Make it Happen’

8. ‘Breathe’

9. ‘Carried Away’

10. ‘Sweet Alibi’

11. ‘I Didn’t Want You Anyway’

12. ‘Colourblind’

13. ‘Love Will Never End’

14. ‘Monday Monday’

15. ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

Following Saturday night’s triumphant live show at London’s G.A.Y. club night (on March 10, see previous story), Hear’say are staging a signing at HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store at 5pm today.

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