The 'Popstars' band are joined by Chocolate Puma and Muse in releasing singles this week...

HEAR’SAY, the band formed by the ‘POPSTARS’ television show, have the chance to prove their critics wrong today (March 12), by knocking WESTLIFE off the Number One spot with their debut single.

Hear’Say release ‘Pure & Simple’ this morning, the first single from their forthcoming debut album. Chart commentators are predicting this is the most likely of the new releases to knock Westlife’s cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ from the top of the charts.

A chart expert at HMV in London commented: “Westlife have done extremely well, and to a certain extent Hear’Say are against it. Nobody expected Westlife to knock Shaggy from the Number One spot and they did it. Ten million people watch ‘Popstars’, so it would only take a fraction of them to go out and buy the single to transfer it into a Number One.”

Of the other new releases, Chocolate Puma release ‘I Wanna Be U’ via Cream and Muse release a brand new single, ‘Plug In Baby’, via Mushroom. Both these singles are expected to enter the chart in the Top Ten, while ‘Put It All Aside’ by Alisha’s Attic, ‘Deliver Me’ by Faithless’ Sister Bliss and ‘I Can’t Deny It’ by Rod Stewart are all likely to be Top 20 hits.

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