Hearsay will be appearing at London's fairly self-explanatory G.A.Y. evening at the Astoria...

The UK ‘POPSTARS’ band, HEARSAY, are playing their first ever live show at LONDON’s ASTORIA on March 10 – and NOEL from the band has told NME.COM that he’s “cool” with being a gay icon.

Noel, Kym, Danny, Myleene and Suzanne have confirmed a performance at the Saturday G.A.Y. night, which in recent months has seen the likes of Westlife, a1 and All Saints plugging records to a predominantly homosexual audience.

Speaking to NME.COM on the subject of becoming a gay icon, a surprised Noel Sullivan told us that it was “great”, welcoming fans of all persuasions. “Wow! Am I?” he laughed. “That’s great – is it cos I keep getting calls from my mum? Hahaa! That’s cool.”

“The more the merrier, really,” bandmate Myleene Klass continues. “It doesn’t matter who fans are, as long as they like him for the person he is. How can it be a bad thing?”

Tomorrow’s (February 17) episode of ‘Popstars’ on ITV sees the band continue on the road to stardom and be unmasked by a tabloid newspaper. Keep checking out NME.COM’s exclusive ‘Popstars’/Hearsay microsite at for breaking news and interviews with the band.