Ben Adams believes that all bands are contrived. Not Milli Vanilli, though, surely?...

a1’s BEN ADAMS has been telling NME.COM his own views on the ‘POPSTARS’ phenomenon, telling us it doesn’t matter if the band are manufactured, because OASIS aren’t too different.

“I don’t think it matters that they’re manufactured – pretty much every group is manufactured in some way,” Adams tells us. “If you look at bands like Oasis, they audition for new drummers all the time! I think when you do manufacture a band, you have to manufacture it for the right reasons.” Last year Ben compared a1 to The Beatles, telling Attitude magazine that if The Beatles had been around today, they’d have had more in common with a1 than Oasis.

Ben also says that the ‘Popstars’ band Hearsay have had so much promotion that “if they don’t have a big hit, something’s really wrong”, before saying that as long as the songs are of a high enough standard, the band will do well.

Ben’s thoughts come from an exclusive column in NME.COM’s ‘Popstars’ microsite. To read his thoughts in full, go to and click on the ‘Articles’ button.