Hearsay have defended Marshall Mathers...

The ‘Popstars’ band Hearsay have been telling NME.COM about their respect for rap megastar Eminem – with Myleene defending him against those who claim his lyrics turn fans into psychopaths.

“People like the attitude of going out and expressing what’s on his mind,” she explains, “whereas we don’t have to actually agree with or identify with what he’s saying. We don’t take it as our mantra and go about repeating what he says – it’s just his idea that he’s breaking with convention. And look at him. He’s got a kid, he’s as domesticated as the rest of us, when you shut the door.”

Suzanne from the band continues: “It’s freedom of speech at the end of the day. If he wants to say it, he wants to say it. And the way he goes about his music is amazing.”

Noel, however, concedes that Hearsay’s label-mate “would probably hate us”.

“‘Stan’,” Danny concludes, “is such a wicked record.”

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