The axe hero guests on 'South'..

HEATHER NOVA has confirmed details of her new album, which features a number of songs co-written with BERNARD BUTLER.

The songwriter releases a new single, ‘I’m No Angel’ on September 17 via V2. The song has been co-written by Butler, and is the first track to be lifted from her new album, ‘South’, which follows on October 1.

Speaking about the new material, Nova explained she came to work with Bernard Butler via her producer Felix Tod.

She said: “Felix suggested we get together and collaborate on something. We decided to write a song together. I had this chorus kicking around and I took it over to his house and we wrote the rest of the song together in a couple of hours.

“Musically it just clicked and by mid-afternoon we had recorded the finished

demo. I have always been a fan of Bernard‘s guitar playing. There’s a madness and urgency to it that I really like.”