Helena Christensen breaks silence on her relationship with INXS’ Michael Hutchence

"Something drastic happened"

Supermodel Helena Christensen has broken her two decades of silence to speak out on her relationship with Michael Hutchence for a new documentary about the late INXS frontman.

Last week, new BBC Two documentary Mystify was announced – featuring interviews with Kylie Minogue, Bono, the surviving members of the band, Hutchence’s siblings Rhett and Tina, stepmother Susie and producer Nick Launay.

Christensen also speaks about Hutchence for the first time in the new film, recalling their four year relationship and describing him as “joyful, sweet, deep and emotional”.


“[It was] total mental and physical chemistry,” she said, reports Marie Claire.

She also recalled Hutchence’s 1992 brain injury after he was assaulted by a taxi driver, and how he grew “dark and very angry” after losing his sense of smell as a result of his injuries.

“He [Hutchence] was unconscious and there was blood coming out of his mouth and ear,” said Christensen. “I thought he was dead.”

She continued: “We got to the hospital and he woke up and was aggressive. They were trying to make him stay but he was physically pushing them away.”

Christensen also remembers how he grew upset as he told her “When I have children, I will never be able to smell my baby”.


“Something drastic happened,” she added. “I was deeply sad, confused and bewildered, but at the same time it couldn’t have continued that way. ”

Hutchence and Christensen’s relationship came to an end in 1995. He was found dead on 22 November 1997 after he took his own life, just seven months after the Australian rock veterans released their 10th album ‘Elegantly Wasted’. He was 37-years-old.

Last year, his sister Tina Hutchence made headlines when she spoke of his troubled final years. Speaking of the ‘media circus’ that surrounded Michael, his partner Paula Yates and ex-husband Bob Geldof, Tina said that he became a particular target for UK tabloids when they pitted him against the Boomtown Rats singer.

“I think you can always tell if an article is from a UK newspaper, just from reading it,” Tina continued. “He’d always had such a great relationship with the press. They didn’t bother him, or didn’t even realise it was him. I had observed him walking around in Paris, LA and Australia and people would just say, “Oh hi, I caught your show the other night,” and he’d say, “Thanks mate,” shake their hand and walk on.

“But when all that exploded in London, he was absolutely beside himself. I was once told that with the tabloids they’ve got to have a good guy and a bad guy. What role could he take if Bob [known in the UK tabloids as “Saint Bob”] was on the other side?”

Featuring unheard recordings from Hutchence, Mystify is directed by Richard Lowenstein, who directed several INXS videos.

BBC Music’s head of commissioning Jan Younghusband said: “Michael Hutchence was one of the most influential and charismatic rock stars of the modern era, and I’m delighted that this moving documentary will air on BBC2.” There is currently no transmission date scheduled for the film.

A statement said Mystify will feature “rare archive footage and intimate insights from friends, lovers, family colleagues and Hutchence himself. The film portrays his life from the beginning of his fractured family background to the peaks of rock stardom”.

No transmission date has yet been announced for the the film, which has its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

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