Watch Henry Rollins deconstruct Dr Seuss in comedy clip

Ex-Black Flag man says book encourages young people to 'speak poorly'

Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins has read from a Dr Seuss book in a new comedy video.

The singer recites Oh, the places you’ll go! for comedy video website Funny or Die, interjecting with an outraged social critique he relates to the story.

Rollins picks up on Dr Seuss’ idiosyncratic style of writing, claiming it to encourage children to “speak poorly”. He continues to relate this to current US issues, with the grinning protagonist being labelled from the start as a “smirking, self-satisfied Caucasian male”.


Later, Rollins talks about America’s gun problems, veteran suicide, elitism and lack of female rights and representation. At one point, he breathes out heavily and states, “this is depressing”.

The book is also criticised by Rollins because it “promotes reality television” to an impressionable young audience. He finishes by affirming that he “hated this” – and that everything is “not about winning”.

Watch below.

Rollins is currently preparing for his upcoming spoken word tour in October, where he will be commentating anecdotally on the current American political climate.

Speaking about his upcoming tour, Rollins has said: “the world is a more interesting place than ever and I am glad to be out in it. I’m looking forward to all these shows”.