Henry Rollins speaks out against North Carolina’s ‘cracker logic’ anti-LGBT law

'Obviously the governor was losing sleep over all those poor homophobes'

Henry Rollins has published an op-ed for LA Weekly to oppose North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2, which came into effect last month (March 23).

The anti-LGBT law was rushed through to prevent the city of Charlotte – and any other city within the state in the future – from passing a measure that would protect the LGBT community from discrimination and allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify with.

The article – titled ‘North Carolina, I Love You, But Your Governor Is An Asshole’ – appeared in LA Weekly on Thursday (April 21).


“When North Carolina Gov. Patrick McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law, I wonder if he was thinking long-range about what the result might be,” the intro to Rollins’ article read.

“I can’t see him and his staff wondering out loud if their thick-skulled, cracker logic might result in Bruce Springsteen not only cancelling his upcoming show in Greensboro…but inspiring Mr. Boss to issue a press release that more people have read than will ever peruse House Bill 2.”

NMEDan Dennison/NME

Rollins also wrote: “It seems like a long way to go to please a handful of hicks, but obviously the governor was losing sleep over all those poor homophobes shaking in their boots as to who is in the stall next to them, and he took action.

As well as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Ringo Starr have cancelled gigs in protest, while Father John Misty has announced he will donate profits from his upcoming gig in North Carolina to an LGBT support centre, Time Out Youth.

Other artists, including Against Me! and Cyndi Lauper, have vowed to play anyway as an act of protest.