Henry Rollins takes Morrissey off his ‘kill list’: ‘The world is a much better place with him in it’

Ex-Black Flag singer previously said that he wanted Smiths frontman 'doused in gasoline and set on fire'

Henry Rollins has retracted previous negative comments made about Morrissey, specifically that he would to make a house record from the sound of the former Smiths frontman being burned to death.

Ex-Black Flag singer Rollins made the comments in an early interview (see below), saying at the time: “In my opinion, Morrissey just embodies every horrible trait that a human can possibly possess. I mean, he’s British and they don’t have to work very hard. They have a handicap anyway. You notice that all the great musicians who were English moved”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Rollins also stated that he would like to see Morrissey “doused in gasoline and set on fire”. He added: “We’d get a sound mic in the air and just hear the sound of his polyester shirt burning the skin and his last cries on Earth. What we could do is put a house beat behind it, put it on a 12-inch and sell it to all these emaciated kids with bad teeth who don’t have enough vitamin C and never get outside.”

NMEAndy Hughes / NME

Now, speaking to The Guardian, Rollins has backtracked on his rant. He said: “Well, I like the guy. I think he’s very intelligent and has real good taste in music. It’s nothing I’d say on stage now because I think it’s poorly meant, but that’s why we humans are allowed subtly evolve here and there. There are definitely some people I wouldn’t mind seeing burned to death – I absolutely have a kill list. But not good old Morrissey. I think the world is a much better place with him in it.”

Asked who is on his ‘kill list’ now, Rollins answered: “Just people who need to get got. And there’s two for sure. There are different grades. There are a few people who could do with losing a hand. And I’d happily carry the petrol can, the cleaver, whatever it takes. As far as the kill list goes, though, there are two who’ve REALLY gotta go. Every day I don’t get them I consider a partial failure.”

Rollins also recently criticised Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, labelling the controversial politician as “just a bored rich guy being crass”.

“I’m not a Trump fan at all, but he will say what’s on his mind,” Rollins said of the Billionaire-turned-Presidential hopeful.

“Like, ‘No more Muslims!’ You just said that. And of course, in this country, a lot of people agree… He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time I don’t think he wants to be president. I think he’s just a bored rich guy being crass.”


Speaking to the Daily Beast, Rollins added: “This country, our heels are dug in in the past, we’re prehistoric. And that’s where Trump is getting off.”

“There are people who do think the President is coming for their guns. They are afraid of Muslims. They are afraid of Latinos. ‘They’re taking our jobs!’ Dude, you don’t want to sell oranges under the 101… Donald Trump says those are the bad ones. Really? I think they’re the salt of the Earth. You should shut up.”