Henry Rollins says Donald Trump is ‘just a bored rich guy being crass’

Ex-Black Flag frontman criticises the Republican Presidential hopeful

Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins has criticised Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, labelling the controversial politician as “just a bored rich guy being crass”.

“I’m not a Trump fan at all, but he will say what’s on his mind,” Rollins said of the Billionaire-turned-Presidential hopeful.

“Like, ‘No more Muslims!’ You just said that. And of course, in this country, a lot of people agree… He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time I don’t think he wants to be president. I think he’s just a bored rich guy being crass.”


Speaking to the Daily Beast, Rollins added: “This country, our heels are dug in in the past, we’re prehistoric. And that’s where Trump is getting off.”

“There are people who do think the President is coming for their guns. They are afraid of Muslims. They are afraid of Latinos. ‘They’re taking our jobs!’ Dude, you don’t want to sell oranges under the 101… Donald Trump says those are the bad ones. Really? I think they’re the salt of the Earth. You should shut up.”

When asked about left-leaning Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, Rollins said: “I like him, because I think he’s a straight shooter. I love his progressive ideas about health care, election campaign reform and foreign policy. I’ve always liked him because he’s honest to a fault. He’s a true statesman.”

NMEDan Dennison/NME

It was recently revealed that 41% of Donald Trump supporters were in favour of bombing Agrabah, the fictional country from Aladdin, according to a study.

Trump recently angered many by claiming that all Muslims should be barred from entering the US “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. His comments were made following a series of terrorist attacks in both the US and Europe.

Meanwhile, the controversial Trump recently thanked Katie Hopkins – whom he referred to as a “respected columnist” – for backing his highly criticised suggestions for cracking down on terrorism.


“The politicians of the UK should watch Katie Hopkins,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Many people in the UK agree with me!”