Brilliant near-bootleg single teams Chuck and Herb...

Public Enemy team up with Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass…literally.

Pickled Egg records have given a UK release to The Evolution Control Committee‘s Whipped Cream Mixes, a forced marriage between Public Enemy‘s ‘Rebel Without A Pause’ and ‘By The Time I Get To Arizona’ and the aforementioned founder of A&M Records wherein the fiery raps of Chuck D are counterpoised with the MOR lilt of Alpert.

The barely legal single was played on John Peel and made it into the Festive 50 despite being unavailable in the UK.

Reminiscent of Negativeland‘s cheeky experiments with sampling and copyright violation, the ECC are apparently based in Ohio.

You can buy the single from Pickled Egg’s website and link to the ECC‘s website where you can download more music.