Hercules And Love Affair advise Madonna to make ‘age-appropriate’ album

Andy Butler has some ideas for the pop legend's follow-up to 'Hard Candy'

Hercules And Love Affair mainman Andy Butler has offered advice to Madonna on her new album, saying it should be “age-appropriate”.

The pop veteran recently entered the studio to work on the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Hard Candy’, with rumoured collaborators including William Orbit and Jim Steinman.

But now Butler, who this year released the New York dance collective’s album ‘Blue Songs’, had some words of advice. He told Out magazine: “She needs to make an age-appropriate record that still appeals to young people. There should be no rapping on it. She should acknowledge the people that grew up with her, but she needs to hook them back in.”

Offering his own suggestions as well as services for Madonna‘s twelfth album, Butler added: “Deep house is having a revival. Why doesn’t she do a deep-house track? But a sophisticated, subtle deep-house track. I could help her with that.”

Meanwhile, the producer was scathing about Lady Gaga‘s impact on gay culture, saying: “What is the first thing to come out of a baby’s mouth? ‘Gaga’. And what is it but children’s music? It’s middle-aged gay men dancing around to music for 11-year-old girls.”