This is the age when you stop discovering new music

"Musical paralysis". Who knew?

A new survey has revealed the age at which we stop discovering new music, and it’s bad news for anyone fast approaching the big three-oh.

Research by streaming site Deezer reveals that there’s a very real phenomenon called ‘musical paralysis’ which occurs when music fans stop actively seeking out new tunes.

The phenomenon reportedly begins when we hit the age of 30 and six months, which means that it’s a very real fear for anyone at the tail end of their twenties.


When quizzed on the reason for stopping in the pursuit of new music, survey participants reportedly offered a multitude of excuses – including having kids and quite simply being a bit swamped by the amount of new music on offer.

But it gets even worse, with 60 percent of people admitting that they would only usually listen to artists they already know.

Specifically, it seems that Wales and the North West of England are among the worst offenders – the former group apparently gave up on finding new music at 24 years and eight months, while the other lost interest at 23 years and nine months.

On the other hand, praise where it’s due for Scottish music fan, who have somehow managed to resist ‘musical paralysis’ until the age of 40 years and seven months.

In the meantime, be sure to check out NME Radar, with information aplenty on new music to stop that aforementioned paralysis.