Here’s a Billie Eilish vs ‘Love Actually’ mash-up you didn’t know you needed


A video editor’s mash-up of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ with a scene from Love Actually has garnered thousands of views online.

Lewis Wake takes famous dance scenes from movies and matches them with the tempo of popular songs. His most ‘liked’ clip—shared in a Twitter thread of videos on Saturday (July 27)—is of Hugh Grant vs Billie Eilish (54.6k likes).


The clip reimagines Grant, who portrays a fictional British prime minister in the 2003 rom-com, dancing to Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ (instead of The Pointer Sisters’ 1983 song ‘Jump’). With the tempos pretty well matched, the edit puts an enjoyable twist on the original.

Also in Wake’s portfolio is Leonardo DiCaprio strutting his stuff in Titanic while the Arctic Monkeys’ 2006 single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ plays overhead. Perhaps even more entertaining is a clip of Mr Bean dancing awkwardly to Ariana Grande’s ‘Side To Side’.

In other medley-related news, King Princess shared a techno song she made that incorporates a character’s screaming in Big Little Lies season two.

The artist takes a sample of Meryl Streep’s character (Mary Louise Wright) who in one episode is seen screaming at a dinner table.


Tweeting about the song, Princess said: “this is a track very close to my heart and puss. Thank you to skylar and logan for additional prod and good vibes in the studio all around. Special thanks to henry for the gik and the gak. Thank you to @ the real Meryl Streep for the feature.”

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