Here’s a suitably suave jazz cover of Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’

A classy take on the Foos hit

A YouTube musician has debuted a jazz cover of ‘Everlong’, and it’s a brilliantly suave take on the iconic Foo Fighters hit.

The sophisticated take on the 1997 hit comes courtesy of YouTuber Anthony Vincent, who has successfully ditched the guitars of the original to deliver something that instead offers a selection of smooth big band sounds.

While YouTube users have warmly welcomed Vincent’s take on the track, the ultimate compliment came from Naomi K – who requested to use the new cover as her first dance.


Oh. My. God. I have wanted Everlong to be my fiancé and I’s first dance song at our wedding, but couldn’t commit to it due to tempo reasons, of course,” she wrote

“May I PLEASE have your permission to use your version as my wedding song???”

“Yes”, Vincent soon responded. “And congratulations.”

Last month saw Dave Grohl opening up on the origins of ‘Everlong’, explaining how he hit on what would become the intro to the track when he began strumming “a cool Sonic Youth chord”.

He said in a YouTube video: “I recorded the song and I brought it back to the guys. I remember actually I played it for Thurston from Sonic Youth because I was totally afraid I’d ripped off this Sonic Youth song somehow. And I said, ‘Listen to this thing I just recorded, listen to this demo I just did.’ He said, ‘Why is that a demo? Why isn’t that on the album?’


“It just felt so off the cuff and unofficial that I considered it to be a demo. So then we went and we re-recorded it and that’s the song that you hear on the radio today.”

Foo Fighters released their tenth album ‘Medicine At Midnight’ in February.

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