Here’s all the reaction from Coldplay’s performance at the Natural History Museum

Chris Martin and co took to the stage at the Natural History Museum in London last night

Coldplay performed a special gig at the Natural History Museum in London last night – you can see all the reaction to the gig below.

Coldplay took to the stage at the unique setting to perform songs from their latest album, ‘Everyday Life’, alongside classics such as ‘Viva La Vida’. The event comes just days after Coldplay played their album in full at a special sunrise and sunset performance in Jordan.

One fan described the performance on social media as “stunning”, whilst another said “it was a gig in a setting like no other.” You can see images, video and reaction from the gig here:



Last week, Coldplay confirmed that they are taking time to out to consider the future of touring in a bid to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

In an interview with BBC News last week, frontman Chris Martin said the band are taking their time to work out how to make touring sustainable and not damaging to the environment.

Speaking to NME after launching their latest album ‘Everyday Life’ with a series of shows in Jordan, singer Chris Martin later confirmed that they won’t be touring the record in the traditional way.

“We are going to do our very best to tour again, but I’m serious about that idea, absolutely,” he said. “I’ve been banging the drum on that sort of thing, environment sustainability, for a long time – and getting some flack for it along the road – so yes I’m pleased other artists are starting to get on board with it too, but listen, really taking flack is what we do – it’s ok, I’m cool with that.”

Martin added: “I’m pretty thick skinned, and I’ve realised that even being a human punching bag is being useful to somebody so I’m ok with that too.”

Reviewing their latest album, NME’s Charlotte Krol wrote: “Ultimately, ‘Everyday Life’ is something of a confounding experiment. On the one hand it’s full of eclectic sounds and ideas – an Iranian poem interlude here (‘Bani Adam’), a country-blues musing on gun control there (‘Guns’) – that offer a welcome respite from Coldplay tropes.

“True, these songs are sometimes more exciting in theory than in practise (not something you’d have said of, for instance, the Brian Eno-assisted ‘Viva La Vida’), but ‘Everyday Life’ regularly steps to the left-field, proving that Coldplay are more adventurous than they’re often given credit for.”