Here’s Celine Dion living her best life at Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency

She's on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge...

Celine Dion proved herself to be a huge Lady Gaga fan last night, as she danced in the crowd at the pop star’s Las Vegas concert. Check out footage below.

The ‘Just Dance’ artist began her hugely anticipated ‘Enigma’ residency earlier this week. Taking place at the Park MGM resort, the spectacle sees Gaga showcase the biggest tracks from across her decade-long career.

During last night’s show (December 30) – which included hits such as ‘Poker Face’, ‘Telephone’, and ‘Paparazzi’ – the Canadian superstar Celine Dion was spotted busting moves to 2011’s ‘The Edge of Glory’.


“Why is Celine Dion me at a Lady Gaga concert,” one Twitter user said of the star’s fangirling. Another commented: “Celine Dion jamming to Lady Gaga is the BIGGEST mood.”


Later in the show, Lady Gaga dedicated ‘You and I’ to the ‘My Heart Will Go On’ artist. “You’re legendary, you’re supportive, you’re kind,” Gaga said. “This time I’m not leaving without you, c’mon, Celine!”

Following the concert, Gaga posted the footage of Dion dancing to her official Instagram story, followed by the message: “I love you Celine!” See the screenshot below.

During Gaga’s first Las Vegas show earlier this week, she paid tribute to David Bowie with an unexpected cover of ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’.

Meanwhile, Celine Dion was bizarrely accused of promoting satanism last month after launching her own fashion line for children.

With some of the designs for CELINUNUNU featuring skulls and even Illuminati eyes, a US priest told the National Catholic Register that the line is ‘satanic,’ and claimed that erasing gender differences is the direct work of the devil.

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic,” said Pennsylvania’s Monsignor John Esseff.