Here’s My Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ reimagined as an ’80s power ballad

This cuts deep...

My Chemical Romance‘s classic track ‘Helena’ has been reworked in the style of an ’80s power ballad – listen below.

Gerard Way and co. released the song as a single back in 2005, with it featuring on their second album ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ the previous year.

Now, one YouTuber has taken it upon themselves to produce an “’80s version” of the hit – which they uploaded to the streaming site earlier this week (September 24).


Currently holding over 130,000 views on the platform, the reimagining opens with sparkling keys and contains “sexy sax solos” to back Way’s original vocal. “Gerard Way and the boys have been heartbroken since 1984,” user Johan Olsson captioned the song, which could sit over a pivotal point of an ’80s teen movie.

“I remember My Chemical Romance, the sweet slow jams. You couldn’t escape it in the ’80s, it’s too bad they broke up March 22, 1993,” joked one fan in the comments section. Another said: “Oh shit this slaps.”

Meanwhile, Gerard Way has praised Alex Lahey for her rendition of MCR’s ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’. The Australian musician and her band covered the 2006 anthem for Triple J’s Like A Version show segment last week.

Back in July, My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero responded to reports that the emo icons had been rehearsing secretly for a hugely anticipated reunion. The guitarist outright denied claims from Joe Jonas that he had spotted the group in a New York studio space.


Pressed on whether a future reunion could happen, Iero replied: “I survived a bus accident, so anything is possible.”