Here’s Dave Grohl gifting his own severed head to Jimmy Kimmel

"I took it home and I scared my kids with it".

Dave Grohl appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, and used the occasion to bestow the most unusual of gifts upon the talk show host.

As he discussed all things Foo Fighters, Kimmel recalled how Grohl had acted as his stand-in replacement during a Halloween instalment of the show last year.

“I had a blast”, Grohl said of the experience.

“That was amazing and we also got to jam with Alice Cooper, who is one of my favourites. He’s such a legend. All his stage tricks with the guillotine and stuff.”

But it was then time for Kimmel to receive the most unlikely of gifts – a mock-up of Grohl’s head which had been ‘severed’ by Cooper’s guillotine.

“It’s your head! He chopped it off in the guillotine on the show”, Kimmel remarked.

After initially taking the prop home, Grohl decided it should belong with Kimmel.

“I took it home and I scared my kids with it, I scared the housekeeper with it and it got to the point where I was like I gotta get this thing outta my house”, Grohl joked.

Elsewhere on the show, Grohl discussed his love of Abba – after wearing a t-shirt bearing the logo of the iconic pop group.

“Man, I heard there’s an ABBA comeback and I flipped out!”, he said.

I think it was actually in our bio, it said “If Black Sabbath and Abba had a love baby it would be Nirvana.”