Rammstein tease their new album release date

The album is on track for a spring 2019 release

Rammstein guitarist Paul Landers has revealed that their long-awaited seventh studio album is set to be released in spring 2019.

The German industrial metal icons have not released an album since 2009’s ‘Liebe ist für alle da’, but now it looks like the wait may at long last be over.

Speaking to Music Radar, Landers said: “Right now, it looks like this new record will be coming out next spring, and what we’ve been mainly doing is playing together in a circle, with all the guys in one room.”


He revealed that the band have been trying to emulate the Rammstein live experience on this record, saying “It hasn’t been like a pre-production where each member is alone; it’s been more of an all-together kind of thing.”

A typical Rammstein live performance

“We liked the sound of it so much that we’ve decided to make the record more of a band-unit recording than a bunch of guys playing separately,” he continued. “We’ll have to see how it all ends up on the record, but the basic idea is you are hearing a band playing… you could say it’s inspired by our live sound. That’s exactly what we’re going for.”

While writing sessions for the record began back in 2015, fans grew hopeful when the band shared images of their return to the studio earlier this year. Recently, the band posted images of recording sessions in Minsk with an orchestra and choir for the LP.

This comes after guitarist Richard Kruspe told Resurrection Fest last year that he had been “skeptical” to go back into the studio because the band “almost broke up” the last time they made an album.


He also said that this next record could be the last the band make. “That’s a feeling — I can be wrong, but just at the moment, I feel like this is maybe the last [shot at making an album] we have, and I wanna give two hundred percent in that and make it as good as it can be,” he said.

“When I listen to the stuff, there’s so much potential, and I’m very pleased about what we do at the moment.”

The band currently have two live shows on the horizon at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on December 31 and January 2 – where it is hoped that they will debut new material.