Here’s IDLES teaching you how how to play ‘I’m Scum’ on guitar

"We’re just the hot boy clothes horses of the band"

IDLES have shared a tuition video showing how to play their track ‘I’m Scum’ on guitar. See it exclusively on NME below.

The video was made by online streaming and playthrough site Playit, and features Mark ‘Slow Hands’ Bowen and Lee ‘Kanye’ Kiernan from the band talking you through the song from their acclaimed 2018 album ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance‘.

“We’re just the hot boy clothes horses of the band, the Shane and Keith if you will, and this Playit session proves it,” they said. “Playit is a great platform as it allows fans to learn direct from the artist, exposing us as true frauds reliant on poor technique and pedals to get us through a gig.


“Goes to show what a bit of production wizardry can achieve.”

They continued: “I liked it because it helped remind me how to play the parts to our songs which I often pretend to know when we play live.”

“There’s nothing worse than spending hours learning a tab from an online forum only to find the writer gave up halfway through and stuck the tabs to baa baa black sheep on the end of the version of this charming man you’ve been practising.

“If anything this has shown that literally anyone can be in a band. You don’t need to know anything about music or instruments.”

Speaking to NME recently about progress on their next album, frontman Joe Talbot said: “The only departure is development. You’re always evolving. It’s the next step along from ‘Joy…’ and ‘Brutalism’. This is the third. You can see the progression and regression in some ways. It’s us, but a year older.


“We got bored of certain things and excited by others. We want to write more techno, we want to write more noise, we want to write more pop, and we want to write more country. We’ll just write it until it sounds like something we love, then we’ll put the words on top.”

Meanwhile, IDLES have been confirmed for a number of performances at Glastonbury 2019.