Here’s an important update for those who want tickets to Glastonbury 2019

Time to update your photo...

Glastonbury have issued an important update to fans hoping to acquire tickets to next year’s festival.

The first batch of tickets of Glastonbury are expected to go on sale in the coming month, before a re-sale occurs after the line-up has been announced in a few months’ time. However, fans need to have already registered on Glasto’s website here in order to be eligible – using a passport photo in order to eliminate touting.

Now, organisers have told those registered to update their entry to include a photo that was taken within the last two years.


“Before ticket information for the 2019 Festival is released, we’re asking everyone with a registration photograph over two years old to update their registration photo, as digital photo technology has improved considerably since we first introduced registration for Glastonbury tickets in 2007,” organisers told those who are already registered.

“It is now easier than ever to supply a high quality photo, so if your existing registration photo is more than two years old, not of passport standard, or is no longer a good likeness please update your photo now to help us keep the Festival secure, and reduce waiting times for you at the Festival gates.”

Organiser Emily Eavis recently said that they’re progressing well with the line-up for Glastonbury 2019, while Stormzy recently appeared to tease that he may be headlining. It has also been stated that the Legend’s Slot will be a ‘non-British female’ and that Paul McCartney is ‘top of their list’ to headline.

Amid reports that Madonna will headline Glastonbury 2019, other rumoured headliners for Glastonbury 2019 include Arctic Monkeys, ABBA, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Oasis and Kendrick Lamar.

Tame Impala also recently claimed that they would love to headline Glastonbury 2019 if asked.

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