Here’s Mac DeMarco dancing to Michael Jackson while dressed as a giant turkey

(Turkey) salad days?

Mac DeMarco celebrated Memorial Day in his own unique way yesterday – dancing to Michael Jackson while wearing an inflatable turkey costume.

Footage posted on Instagram shows the star dancing poolside in the giant costume, and it’s nothing less than we’d expect from the slacker-rock hero.

Check out the clip in full below.


Away from the turkey hijinks, Mac has been busy of late working on new music.

Earlier this month, he released two new songs, called ‘She’s My Sweet’ and ‘Fuck The Toronto Raptors’.

He claimed the songs were “recorded on the red carpet at the Met Gala”. They followed the slow jam of new track ‘Eternally 12′, an instrumental collaboration with Melanie Faye.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1, DeMarco also confirmed that there’ll be more new music “soon” despite “taking it a little breezy” at the moment.

“I’m always writing and recording little things all over the place – nothing cohesive like a project or anything but yeah it’s my hobby,” DeMarco explained.


“I’ll wake up, head to the garage and just toot around for most of the day…I mean I always have some songs – I don’t really know if they’d make an album.”

 “I’m just happy to write stuff and in the past it was always like, ‘I’ve got a month between this year of touring and next year of touring so I’m going to make an album right now!’. I could still schedule my tours like that still but I think then I’d be in worse repair then I already am!”

“I’m just taking it a little breezy. I’ll have music soon, I don’t know what it’ll be like.”