Here’s the Marilyn Manson vs Shania Twain mash-up you never knew you wanted

Behold - Sharilyn Twanson

A mash-up has been created of Marilyn Manson‘s seminal metal track ‘The Beautiful People’ and Shania Twain‘s huge hit ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’.

The unlikely and bizarrely matched creation is the work of DJ Cummerbund, who introduced it as “the hit song by Shanilyn Twanson” – catching the attention and imagination of metal and pop fans across the internet.


Meanwhile, rumours recently surfaced that Johnny Depp may be joining Manson’s band as guitarist.

The shock-rock icon is known for his close friendship with the acting icon, and last year enlisted him to star in the dark and twisted video for album track ‘KILL4ME’.

In the clip, which was released last November, Depp is seen brooding in a mansion before engaging in a threesome with two women.

Now, Manson has hinted that Depp could become a full time member of his band, after claiming that he is “considering” a role.


After releasing new album ‘Heaven Upside Down‘, Manson is currently recovering from an ‘excruciating’ accident in which a stage prop fell on him.

He’ll be returning to the UK to perform at Download Festival at Donington Park this June.