Here’s what Noel Gallagher says fans can expect from the setlist on his next tour

The High Flying Birds' leader has discussed his thinking behind planning his gigs

Noel Gallagher has told fans what they can expect from the setlist on his next tour.

The former Oasis man recently released his second album with his band, the High Flying Birds. ‘Who Built The Moon?‘ made it to number one the first week of its release, but sold less copies than his brother Liam’s solo album.

As the Daily Star reports, Gallagher has discussed his plans for his next tour, saying despite his new album’s success, he won’t shy away from playing classics from his back catalogue. “I’m not that much of a moron to think I’m just going to go and play everything from the High Flying Birds catalogue,” he said.

“Then when you’re on stage singing ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’ or ‘Half The World Away’ then you’re in a moment of nostalgia with the people,” he continued. “If they let me play what I want then I’ll play what I think they’ve come to hear.”

He also made reference to Big Shaq’s viral hit ‘Man’s Not Hot’, adding: “That’s about as far as it goes though for Oasis for me. I don’t walk round the house with a Union Jack guitar and a parka shouting, ‘Mad for it’ to my kids, and they’re shouting back, ‘Man’s not hot’. And I’m shouting, ‘Mad for it’, and they’re going back, ‘Man’s never hot’.”

Gallagher recently invited Big Shaq to support him at a show. Speaking to Radio X, the viral grime star responded: “I think it will be special for the people, you know. We gotta give them something eplectical, electical, and electrical.”