Here’s what Noel Gallagher thinks of Kanye West and ‘the ginger fury’ Ed Sheeran

"He's got a heart of gold - well, a heart of ginger"

Noel Gallagher has said that he thinks Kanye West is ‘underrated’, and praised Ed Sheeran‘s ‘heart of ginger’ – but not his music.

The former Oasis turned solo star was taking part in the Pitchfork video series, ‘Over/Under’ – in which artists discuss whether certain things are over or underrated. While squared up against doughnuts, books and moustaches among other things, Gallagher also shared his thoughts on the divisive Kanye West and Ed Sheeran.

“Kanye, is he of this world?” said Gallagher. “I’d say he’s underrated. Without being a huge fan of his, I fucking love him. I guess there’s a bit of Kanye in all of us. You know what I mean?”

As for Sheeran, he replied: “The ginger fury, honestly. What are his fucking overheads? $200 a night? He’s got a guitar, a microphone, a fucking loop pedal and a tour manager. What does he want the big tour bus for?

“He’s a very nice guy, he’s got a heart of gold – he’s got a heart of ginger, actually, but I do think his music is vastly overrated.”

Gallagher was previously on record as saying that he “couldn’t live in a world where Sheeran could headline Wembley“, but then had a change of heart – adding that he “wouldn’t hear a word against him” and hailing him as a “fucking dude” for his involvement in Teenage Cancer Trust.

Sheeran later responded: “I know Noel Gallagher doesn’t like my music, but I get on with him as a person, so why does it fucking matter?”

Meanwhile, Noel this week amused his fans by sharing a negative review of his new album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ which slammed it as ‘a dried up oasis of dross‘.

Reviewer Ian Maleney wrote of ‘Who Built the Moon?’: “There are musical gestures here that would be a cause of embarrassment if you heard them played by a gang of black-clad teenagers at a Saturday afternoon battle of the bands in a rural parish hall.”

“It’s the stale, musty sound of a glorified pub band going through the motions. Rock is dead; this is a pantomime,” he added.

Sharing a screenshot of the review on Instagram, Noel responded by joking: “That’s me told then!!”, adding: “See what they did there with the headline?”