Here’s ‘Psychosocial’ by Slipknot being played on a tiny drumkit inside a fridge

You couldn't make it up

Slipknot‘s ‘Psychosocial’, taken from their 2008 album ‘All Hope Is Gone’ has been reimagined by a YouTuber who has managed to perform the track on a tiny drumkit inside a fridge. 

The hilarious video clip, which you can view below, sees the drummer using two thin long sticks to tap away while the pounding anthem, plays in the background.

The same YouTuber has also previously performed versions of System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’, Foo Fighters’ hit ‘The Pretender’, Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Stressed Out’ and Green Day’s ‘Holiday’ on top of a toilet.


Meanwhile, a fan recently reimagined Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ as if it was being played by Blink-182.

Earlier this month, a video of an elderly woman rocking out at a Slipknot gig at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center, also went viral.

Meanwhile, Jim Root recently revealed that he could have joined Slipknot before 1999 but he turned down the invitation twice.

Root explained that Slipknot’s original singer Anders Colsefni had approached him about replacing their original guitarist Donnie Steele back in 1996. “I said no at that time because I hadn’t been playing guitar and I knew that those guys were players,” he said.

“My chops were bad, I [hadn’t] even touched a guitar in years, so I was just kind of like, ‘Nah, I’m just going to be a regular dildo, work and do all that’.”


In 1996, Root joined Corey Taylor’s Stone Sour. When Taylor replaced Colsefni in Slipknot in 1997, the guitarist said he still wouldn’t join the masked band because he didn’t “want to feel like it’s handed to me”. He said: “I got to feel like I worked for it, like something I’ve achieved.”

The guitarist eventually joined the group after Josh “Gnar” Brainard left during sessions for their self-titled debut album and a chat with a friend made him realise he was passing up a big opportunity. “[He] said, ‘What, are you stupid? Very few times in life do you get a chance to take a great step forward. Even if you fall flat on your face, you can always come back,’” Root explained. “So I called Clown and the rest is history.”

Last month, Slipknot released their sixth album in ‘We Are Not Your Kind’. In a five-star review, NME called it “an astonishing record: a roaring, horrifying delve into the guts of the band’s revulsion, a primal scream of endlessly inventive extreme metal and searing misanthropy”.

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