The veteran DJ turns songwriter...

JOHN PEEL has co-written a track on the new HIGH FIDELITY album, ‘THE OMNICHORD ALBUM’, released in February.

The veteran Radio 1 DJ and indie godfather has co-written the song, titled ‘Pig Might Fly’ on an Omnichord – a late-70’s electronic auto-harp-style instrument made by Suzuki – which was given to him by the Scots band as a Christmas present last year. He also plays on the track.

The band – who have been signed up to promote the revamped version, the Q-Chord – and DJ have a shared affection for the instrument, The High Fidelity’s session for Peel being repeated three times.


The High Fidelity have also announced details of their annual festive special release, and a new single to follow in early February.

The Christmas bonus is a previously unreleased remix of early High Fidelity track ‘Come Again’, which can be downloaded free from [url=] during December.

A three-track ‘Come Again’ remixes EP will go on sale on January 15, with mixes by FC Kahuna and Bedrock residents Terminalhead, and a brand new track, ‘Omnichord 2001’.

New material will follow soon after, with brand new single ‘Scream If You Want To Go Faster’, on which the band were assisted by legendary producer Arthur Baker, who approached frontman Sean Dickson and asked to work with him after seeing them play live at Manchester In The City earlier this year. Dickson is one of the artists who has in turn collaborated with Baker on his new album.

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