Hilary Duff apologises for ‘offensive’ pilgrim and Native American Halloween costumes

Duff and her boyfriend dressed up as pilgrims and Native Americans

Hilary Duff has apologised for dressing up as a pilgrim while her boyfriend dressed up as a Native American at a Halloween party over the weekend.

Duff and boyfriend Jason Walsh attended a Halloween party in Los Angeles on Friday evening (October 28). The couple’s choice of costumes drew criticism online, with many arguing the outfits to be culturally insensitive.

One Twitter user wrote: “Apologise for your disgusting costume & to Native people of this land who continue their struggle to be seen, heard & respected”. Another added that the costume choice was “ignorant and incredibly disappointing”.

Walsh also apologised, writing on Instagram: “I meant no disrespect. I only have admiration for the indigenous people of America.”

See both apologies below:

Earlier this year, Duff was in the news after being the subject of a marital dispute which has led to a wife being charged with domestic abuse after she allegedly bit her husband’s face mid-argument.

Brandi and Ethan Lester were embroiled in an argument over whether it was Duff appearing in a TV advert they were watching. Ethan thought it was Duff, while Brandi disagreed.

The disagreement escalated and led to Brandi allegedly biting her husband on the face. It is not known whether Duff was actually in the advert or not. Ethan Lester spoke to local news channel WYMT and said: “Me and my wife are on edge, as most families are around the holidays. I’m unemployed at the moment. I guess it just took one simple misunderstanding.” Watch in the video below.

Brandi Lester was charged with domestic abuse and fourth-degree domestic violence.