Listen to Hinds’ new cover of The Clash classic ‘Spanish Bombs’

The band released their third album 'The Prettiest Curse' earlier this year

Hinds have shared a new cover of The Clash‘s ‘Spanish Bombs’ – listen to their rendition below.

The track follows the release of the Spanish band’s third album ‘The Prettiest Curse’, which arrived earlier this summer.

The band’s Carlotta Cosials explained the decision to share the cover, writing: “We’ve always loved doing covers. Maybe ’cause it’s the way we started, or maybe because there are so many good songs in the world already that we wish we had written! And we really enjoy hindsifying them heheh.


She added: “The Clash were my mom’s forever favourite band and ade’s parents also, so it is always beautiful to connect generations through music.

“As spaniards, we don’t usually get shout outs in songs, like “new york” or “london”, so the clash writing a song about our civil war made us feel honoured. We recorded it the last day of studio, pretty much live, while recording our third album.”

Reviewing ‘The Prettiest Curse’, which came out in June via Lucky Number, NME‘s Hannah Mylrea wrote: “Since they formed in 2011, Hinds have built up a fanbase who love their boisterous songs, and they could have comfortably stuck out another album in this vein.

“However on ‘The Prettiest Curse’, they’ve taken their sound and unashamedly experimented with it. They’re all the better for it – not that they need our advice.”


Speaking to NME around the release of the album, the four-piece discussed how girls are led to feel “stupid” about the idea of starting a band.

It’s like, ‘Ooh – I’m too far behind,'” guitarist Ana Perrote said, talking about quarantine tutorials the band held for fans over lockdown.

“‘I’m not going to start now because all my friends are the fucking best already.’ I think it’s really cool that we explained the easier stuff as well as the harder stuff. I think it would be useful if I was watching it when I was 13.”

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