Hinds share fun-loving music video for new single ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’

Another single from new album 'The Prettiest Curse'

Hinds have shared a music video for new single, ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’, in the lead-up to their forthcoming album, ‘The Prettiest Curse’.

The single is a follow-up to March’s ‘Come Back and Love Me <3’, which the Spanish indie band called their “most romantic song ever”.

Watch the colourful, fun-loving video for ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’ below:


In a statement, Hinds said ‘Just Like Kids (Miau)’ commented on the unsolicited feedback they receive as a musical group.

“‘Miau’ is a cocktail of all the comments and ‘advice’ we’ve had to listen to during all this years in the band. From random strangers, ‘friends,’ and industry,” the band said.

“Oh wait… the guy sitting next to you in the bus probably has an opinion too! If you wondered how does it feel to be a girl in a band, here you go.”

Hinds’ forthcoming record will be released on June 5 through Mom + Pop after being pushed back from April 3. The album was announced in February alongside the music video for their second single, ‘Good Bad Times’.


In a recent interview with NME, Hinds member Carlotta Cosials said the band tackle a new sound with the record, working with producer Jenn Decilevo and embracing a poppier style.

“We’d been afraid of pop music for a lot of years, but we’ve always done super great pop melodies. When Ana and I got together to do melodies, we’d be like, ‘This is cool but it’s too pop.’ We were avoiding it.”

Cosials also said the band has managed to keep busy while social distancing.

“We assumed in the very beginning that our job in this quarantine world is to be entertainers, as it was the best thing we could offer, so we’re focussing on that,” she said.