Hip-hop museum to open in New York next year

The space will celebrate the history of the genre while later developments will bring a mall, hotel and concert venue to the building

A museum dedicated to hip-hop is set to open in New York in 2018.

A nonprofit organisation has revealed plans to build a 20 story space in Harlem after winning a bid to a building development site in the area of Manhattan.

The exact location of the museum is yet to be revealed, but will be somewhere on 125th street.


The development will be completed in two phases. Phase one will be finished by next year and will include a ground floor café, gallery, visitors bureau and gift store, plus a museum on the second floor. The latter space will boast an event space and a multimedia studio, as Okayplayer reports.

Phase two currently has no projected timetable for completion, but will include further museum space, a hotel, a mall, an arcade, a sports bar and a concert lounge.

The Bronx is considered to be the birthplace of hip-hop, but Harlem has raised several iconic rappers and musicians, including Q-Tip, A$AP Rocky, Puff Daddy, Cam’ron and Kelis.

Last year, a street in the Bronx was renamed Hip-Hop Boulevard.

A section of Sedgwick Avenue was given the new name to commemorate what has been credited as one of hip-hop’s formative moments.


On August 11 1973, DJ Kool Herc held a house party at an apartment complex at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. Herc was DJing and MCing at the party, where he showed off a new technique he had been perfecting that involved playing the “frantic grooves at the beginning or in the middle of a song”.

People who later claimed to have been in attendance at the party include Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One and more.

NY1 reports that City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson said the renaming is meant to honour both Herc and the contributions that the Bronx borough has made towards the development of the genre.